At Cal Ranch, we have been exporting the finest seafood from various parts of the Pacific Ocean with highest water quality. All of the wild caught seafood products we supply are from clean waters that are tested regularly. We also ensure that our catch from the ocean are sustainable, so that we could continue to provide our clients with the highest quality seafood products.


Ocean Perch
Dover Sole
Black Cod
Pacific Halibut
Rainbow Trout
Pacific Rockfish

We supply a various type of wild caught frozen fish, including Ocean Perch, Halibut, Black Cod, Dover Sole, Pacific Rockfish and Rainbow Trout. We supply frozen fish product in different cuts such as Whole, H&G, J-cut, Sections and Fillets.

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Shell Fish

California Loligo Squid
Dungeness Crab
Pacific Pink Shrimp

At Cal Ranch, we have been exporting the finest shell fish from the ocean. Loligo squid, Dungeness Crab, Pacific Pink Shrimp, Scallop and other wild Shell Fish. We process and supply the products in various forms such as whole round, H&G, fillets, portions, and steaks etc.

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